SDSA Security Officer Training

20 Hour Basic Security Training

SDSA provides the basic security officer training necessary to help obtain a Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC). Courses are offered to help students obtain the skills to become professional security officers or to brush up on existing knowledge and skills.

Course content includes:

  • Search and seizure
  • Law and arrest
  • Use of force
  • Illinois Law relating to private security
  • Safety issues
  • Report writing  
  • Fire prevention

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20 Hour Basic Firearm Training

SDSA provides the basic firearm training necessary to obtain a Firearm Authorization Card. Our course offerings enable the student to acquire fundamental skills or build on existing skills.

Basic Security Handgun Course (20 hrs.)

Course content includes:

  • Basics of ammunition and firearms nomenclature
  • Firearm safety
  • Firearm malfunction
  • Legal ramification of firearm ownership and security operations
  • Firearm maintenance
  • Ethics of firearm ownership and use
  • Basic principles of marksmanship

To complete the course, students will qualify on the State of Illinois mandated firearm qualification course, at the marksman level.

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Concealed Carry Curriculum

This course may be taken with no previous experience and is the only training needed to apply for CCL. The Initial Firearms Curriculum is 16 hours of in-person instruction over 2 days and we cover items 1-5 listed below.  The 8 hour Class Curriculum covers items 4 and 5 only and is only for those that are prior military or have taken one of three courses offered by NRA and received  at least one certificate. 

At the conclusion of the course you will sign up for a time to qualify at the shooting range.

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