We Serve and Secure

Star Detective and Security Agency, Inc. ideals were established by Captain Luegemus Bratton. These ideals are clear cut and professional programs which are geared specifically to the needs of the client, staffed by a superior work force and supervised by a proven management team.

STAR operatives and officers know the role that private security plays in the community today. Each employee is held to high ethical standards. Our officers know laws of criminal search and seizure and the rules of evidence. Each employee understands the importance of accurate observation, description and has the ability to write detailed, correct reports.

All STAR employees are trained in standard routing patrol methods, basic unarmed self-defense, fire prevention and fire control. Our employees have also been trained to recognize and prevent employee pilferage, internal theft, retail theft by check, stolen credit card and counterfeit currency.

Firearm safety and range practice is an ongoing learning program as is the complete overview of how to deal with security devices such as alarm and surveillance systems and access control.

Our officers are trained to handle common medical emergencies including childbirth, seizure, arterial and venous hemorrhaging and diabetic coma. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and other life-saving techniques are also apart of STAR employee training. All officers are trained in natural disaster emergencies, terrorism response, crowd control and convention security.

Star Detective and Security Agency, Inc., We are ‘Responsible, Reliable Security Servicing with Delight’, head-and-shoulders above the competition. Call our office today to discover how we may service you.